Meet Our Patients

Meet Francisco

Francisco, better known as Frankie by his friends, had been a resident of Avondale for as long as he could remember. Life had been good until health issues crept in, and he lost his job. With no steady income to pay for his rent, he was forced to live behind a neighborhood church and use his bicycle to get around. For thirteen months, he struggled to find his bearings, living a simple and modest life.

Frankie is a kind-hearted man, always ready to lend a helping hand. One day, he had a terrible accident while riding his bike, which led him to Circle the City’s Health Center. He was treated with the utmost compassion and offered suggestions to transition out of his current situation.
Unfortunately, his leg injury worsened and he needed hospitalization. With the help of Circle the City’s Health Navigator, he was admitted to the Downtown Medical Respite Center where he received the necessary medical care and support. It was a turning point for him and he began the process of finding permanent housing.

Frankie’s journey to healing is a testament to the transformative work at Circle the City. It’s because of our community’s support that we can provide a helping hand to men, women, and children facing homelessness. Join us in celebrating Frankie’s resilience and the countless individuals who have found healing and hope at Circle the City.