Reuters: Unhoused people in US heatwave face burns, dehydration

STORY: Arta Brench is an unhoused person in Phoenix, Arizona, one of many struggling with relentless heatwaves in the American Southwest.

He carries a bed sheet with him, but he says this isn’t necessarily for sleeping or for shade.

[Arta Brench, Unhoused person]

“This is every once in a while, but I decided to get a sheet and drench it with water and cover myself with it because it was just too hot.”

Many parts of the U.S. are seeing heatwaves that are set to break records.

For the unhoused, the hot weather is even more challenging.

In Phoenix, it is particularly difficult – for two straight weeks the city has seen the mercury shoot to at least 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Kevin Hendershot has been on and off the streets for 25 years. Even after about a decade of that in Arizona, he says the heat there is like nothing else.


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